Sunday, February 10, 2013


I know that it's been a while since I updated due to me not implementing this into a daily or even a weekly routine.  But here is some work that I've been doing for school.

This is my most current shot.  I worked in a group with some cool people and we read a story and made work based on our story.  Our story was an urban legend called "The White Lady" and it was cool. 

This just a silly walk cycle that I did pretty quick for one of the first group projects in our BFA class.  His name is Ludwic LeBlanc.  He is a based off of a character from a book that we had to read.  The book is "City of the Beasts" by Isabelle Allende.
I had a lot of fun animating this, especially since I hadn't done a walk cycle in a while.  

This is the first project that we did.  It was a project given to us by some artist from Lucas.  Everyone in the class got a different country and we had to make art that included a well and a kid from the age of 9-12. My country was Zaire and this what came of my interpretation.  
I treated this shot as a part of a bigger film or group of shots.  He has just snuck away from his hunting party to go play down inside of the well.  There is a creature that intrigues him so he wants to play with the creature in the well.